Pulse Message Log search results

Hi All,
We had a query from one of our clients to check if we can increase the number of records displayed in the message log in Pulse.
So when he filters for certain Processes or Messages e.g. STAT to view the Stat data load messages he only gets a few of the messages appearing even though the Chore started approx. 10mins earlier. PFA screenshot. Current Pulse version: 6.3.0

On the old Pulse within Client settings, he was able to set the Message Log History to say 3000 so that I could view messages going back further in time. The client is not sure about the older version number.

Do we have any settings/configurations that can be changed to see more search results in the message log?

Hi @sgunjal1 ,

I would recommend your user to use the Pulse Explorer. It is the best way to rewind state of your application, more information in the following article:

I hope this help,