Pulse Max Memory and CPU event


Version: 5.3.2

In this example, I filtered date from 7/24 to 7/26, able to see usage in “Summary”, but there is no so much details in Memory and CPU Analysis(even can’t find any record of 7/25 in Memory Analysis, displayed all records already), so would like to ask how often Pulse captures the usage or what kind of event will be listed here?

Hi @vhsieh ,

Upgrading Pulse

Let me start with your Pulse version number. v5.3.2 is very old (5+ years old), you should plan an upgrade of Pulse as soon as possible.

As there have been many major releases between v5.3.2 and the latest Pulse v6. To make sure the upgrade goes smoothly you will have to do the upgrade in three steps:

  1. First upgrade to Pulse v5.5.1
  2. Then upgrade to the latest Pulse v5.8.x (currently v5.8.3). At this stage there is going to be a migration of the Pulse data to a new architecture. It might take few minutes depending on your database size.
  3. If PA version is v2.0.8+, you should upgrade to the latest Pulse 6 (currently v6.0.2)

Memory & CPU Analysis tabs

About the Memory & CPU Analysis tabs show the top 20 highest events in memory & CPU between the two dates.

You can click the right arrow to see more details about what was happening:



Hi @Vincent ,

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Got some more questions,

  1. This client is still under TM1 10.2.2 FP5(quite old…), what’s the best/compatible Pulse version for them
  2. Any way to config the event list to be more detailed? Top events could be not enough for some situations.

Hi @vhsieh .

As you are still on TM1 10.2.2 FP5, you should upgrade to Pulse 5.8.3 (after upgrading to v5.5.1, as explained above).

To get more details about the server or service memory, you could query the Pulse database with the default h2 console or using an ODBC connection. Once connected, you can use the following two queries:

select * from servermemory


select * from servicememory

To connect to the Pulse database, you can follow the steps explained in the following article:

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