Pulse - logging into instances multiple times

Hi All,

A customer has asked why in their Pulse logs they can see Pulse logging into their TM1 instances every single second, and what they can do to prevent this?

They have updated the change frequency without any impact

Please let me know if you have any suggestions


I don’t think Pulse is doing it. Should just be a case of turning off DEBUG logging for the TM1.Login logger

Is the CAM id mentioned in the debug messages the id Pulse uses to connect to the TM1 Server instances?
Disabling the debug logging for TM1 logins doesn’t stop the logins from happening, it just no longer records them in the server log. The question still remains if Pulse is logging into the instances so frequently, why is it doing that?

Hi @matthew.m.james,

From tests in the past, that is not really Pulse logging in every second, but more on TM1 generating a DEBUG message for each REST API call.

And for clarity, Pulse uses the same valid session id / tokens for each API call.