Pulse log error message


We have recently upgraded out dev environment to pulse v5.5.1 and have noticed that before and after the upgrade we are getting the following error repeatedly in the Pulse log files.

Can anyone shed any light on what may be causing it please?

2017-08-07 07:51:05 ERROR com.cubewise.ab Lucene indexing failure for cxmd_dev: org.eclipse.jgit.revwalk.RevWalk.close()V
java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.eclipse.jgit.revwalk.RevWalk.close()V


Hi Andy,

Can you please execute documentation of your cxmd_dev instance and let me know if the problem recurs?


I’ve updated the documentation for the cxmd_dev instance and unfortunately we are still getting the message.


Hi Andy,

The message is related to the Lucene Index, which is the feature that allows you to search object names from the Web Client. Please forward this to the practice manager in your region so we can raise as a support ticket.




Thanks Eric,

I’ve raised it with our practise manager.

Kind Regards