Pulse loading Unload Cubes



The model has a number of historic cubes that are kept for reference/security blank purposes. To save memory for new cubes I want to unload the these cube from memory. However Pulse reloaded these cubes to memory when it run some processes on the server.

Is it possible to change pulse behave so that these cubes are not loaded into memory?


Hi @Adam,

Thanks for posting this, Pulse reads the cube structure during documentation. This is a good idea, perhaps adding a setting in documentation for such proposes, specially with cubes that their structure does not change too often (if not never), unless the cube gets deleted and for the latter case Pulse’s Change tracking will detect such operation. Would you mind to open a ticket in Zendesk as an enhancement request.


Hi @Adam,

Pulse doesn’t even have to read any data from the cube to load it. The issue is the TABDIM function which Pulse uses to get the list of dimensions. Any time you use TABDIM it loads the cube from disk if it isn’t in memory, unfortunately there isn’t any way in TI to determine whether a cube is loaded or not.


I assume it is one of the processes that are uploaded by Pulse.

Could we use the }CubeProperties\DEMANDLOAD to determine if the cube is unloaded?
Could we set this value in Pulse\TM1 to exclude documenting these cubes?


Hi @Adam,

Yep, I think that is possible. I have done some testing on the latest version of TM1 11.3/2.0.5 and on demand cubes aren’t loading when the Pulse documentation is run so maybe there has been a change.

Can you please try testing it on your version of TM1? You can exclude the cubes in either the }src_control (this generates a list of TM1 objects) or }src_cube_export (this exports info about the cube) processes.


This issue has been reported from one of the Melbourne clients as well but as I know there is no way to get around it with current Pulse version.