Pulse History Migration - v6 to v6


I have a client who had Pulse v6 installed on their Dev and Prod server separately but now would like to use a centralised architecture, i.e. Pulse installed on Prod and monitors both Prod and Dev.

I could only find a history migration article for v5 to v6 - Migrating Pulse v5.x history into Pulse v6.x - Cubewise CODE

Would this article apply to v6 to v6 history migration too?

Hi @Sb5 ,

No that is not applicable for a v6 to v6 system migration and is currently not supported.

We will have to look into that, but in the meantime, could you help create an enhancement ticket for it?



Hi All,

Something I tested and worked was restoring a backup from v6 to the same machine but in a different drive…so not exactly a migration. The steps were:

  1. Backup Pulse folders as described in the documentation;
  2. Uninstall Pulse v6.1.2 from drive C;
  3. Install Pulse v6.1.3 in drive D;
  4. Restore folders from backup.

As a result, license, config and history are all back.

Hi @jpaulo,

Thanks for sharing these! Just a note though, this is only applicable if moving a single Pulse 6 server only to another folder / server.



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