Pulse "dump" folder


Noticed lots of dump files generated in “dump” folder, would like to know where those coming from, as I know so far, there is an option in CPU alert to “Create Dump File”, but we didn’t define any CPU alert or any other alert in Pulse.


The code team will respond better there is also a dump files created for TM1 Crashs or not stopped properly (End task in task manager).


Thanks, is this the same as the crash dump file generated by TM1?

Hi @vhsieh,

@jgrandry is correct, when the TM1 process stops a dump file is also created. The file isn’t the same as what TM1 produces. It is safe to delete old files in this directory.

Pulse doesn’t just create the “dump” files when the TM1 instance stops. For all the alerts there’s also an option to generate the dump files when the alert is triggered.

The files aren’t “dump” files as such. It’s a 10 minute summary of the session monitor, server log, process history, etc. which can help in analysing what was goin on in the instance at the time an event occurred.

Correct, you can also flag for an alert to do it also.