Pulse did not record process & chore run history for a long time

Hi Team,

We’ve had pulse for almost 2 years, however the team hadn’t updated Pulse for a long time.
Almost more than a year ago, I found that pulse wasn’t recording any chore, process history (was showing live monitoring though). However, since it wasn’t the priority at the time, we procrastinated & never really looked at fixing the problem.

We then moved to the latest version 5.7 recently, and the history is being recorded now.

However, I’d like to know how I can bring missed history into pulse to do some analysis.

Hi @drd,

There isn’t a way to load in missing history unfortunately, what Pulse does is process the tm1server.log on the fly to gather information and what chores and processes are being run.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your reply, is there no way through some manual manipulation ?
Like we combine tm1server.log files & ask Pulse to update from there somehow ?
If that is not possible, only thing I can think of is to wait till we get at least one month’s logging into pulse to do some analysis.

Hi @drd,

No, unfortunately, Pulse doesn’t re-process old records.