Pulse DB Consolidation


We have a client on Pulse 5.8.3 and they are currently consolidating their TM1 Servers, i.e. they are eliminating 1 TM1 server (the VM that hosts TM1 instances), let’s call it Server A, and merging it into another server, let’s call this one Server B, that already has other TM1 instances on it.

They have Pulse 5.8.3 running on both Server A and Server B and both Pulse installation uses MS SQL as its Pulse DB.

Is there a way to migrate/merge Server A’s Pulse data into Server B’s Pulse?

Hi @Sb5,

Pulse 6 has a feature to import multiple databases into the one server:

HI @tryan

Thanks for the article. I was aware that Pulse 6 could merge the databases.

However, it seems the article was more focused on the scenario where the Pulse 5 databases were h2 files. In the case of our client, they are using MS SQL DB (AWS RDS to be more exact).

How would the Pulse 6 merge all the SQL databases?

Hi @Sb5,

The data can be imported in from different SQL databases.

Thanks @tryan