Pulse change tracking logging SYSTEM

We have a client where Pulse 5.8.2 and ARC (latest version) are installed on the same machine. The environment is using CAM for authentication.

When a user changes an object in ARC the change tracking is logging this unter the SYSTEM user and not the user account of the person using ARC. Any changes through Architect are logged with the correct user ID.

What could be the root cause for this ?


This is also happening with myself at my client, Any change I make in Arc is logged as System.

Hi @dsauren & @lbrown,

Pulse 5 isn’t able to to see who made the change because of limitations of the old C API with the new session management that is used in the REST API. It will work if Pulse can identify the thread that was used but it is hit and miss because the REST API shares thread ids across sessions.