Pulse .cfg parameter info

Hi Team,

Please let us know the use of below Pulse parameters.


Keerthi Sekar

It is part in the cleanshing job: https://code.cubewise.com/blog/cleansing-the-pulse-data/

It is a setting telling Pulse how often it needs to reconnect to the TM1 instances.

Hi vincent,

MaintenanceJobHourInterval parameter doesn’t give much explanation in the document. what jobs are cleaned.

do we have parameter in the pulse.cfg file for restarting the pulse services?

keerthi Sekar

Hello @ksekar4,

No, right now we don’t have a parameter to restart the pulse services.

This parameter specifies when the jobs will run acording to the CRON expression that is set for it. The jobs for cleaning the Elasticsearch indices, some tables from the Pulse Database and the Pulse logs are run at this time.


Hi @ksekar4,

Just a small clarification, the Maintenace Job, cleans the Pulse Database Tables, the Pulse Logs as Elias pointed out. Added to the latter, it performs garbage collection tasks in the VCS (version Control System) folders of Pulse (a.k.a. Change Tracking). The Elastic Job indices cleansing occurs in the Elastic Job (no need to set up). Pay extra attention to the parameters that need to be set in the Maintenance Job.