Pulse causing session timeout with TM1 web links

When pulse is open and using an api hyperlink in TM1 web to open a websheet or cube view in a new tab, we get a session time out error on the new tab that is being opened. This only occurs when pulse is active in the browser session.

Has only occurred since PA 2.04 and both pulse and TM1 web must be logged into the same server. Once the browser tab with pulse is closed, TM1 web links work as normal.
Chrome: version 68.0.3440.106 (Official Build) (64-bit).
Only workaround is to open pulse in a different browser.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Hi @Trent,

Thanks for highlighting this. We are already working in a solution for this, as it is been recurrent on some clients who have upgraded to PA 2.0.4+.As you state, the only workaround for the moment is to open pulse in a different browser session, I also have noticed that opening Pulse using an the IP address of the server makes it work

We will notify you when this is fixed.

Thanks again,


Awesome! Thanks Erik

Hi @Trent,

We were able to identify the source of the issue. It seems a duplicated name of a cookie between Webshpere and Tomcat. We are working towards the fix of this issue. I will keep you posted

Hi @Trent,

We fixed this issue, and will come as part of the next release.

that was quick!