Pulse - Blank Session Monitor

We are running PAL 2.0.5 with Pulse 5.7.10 and cannot see any session recorded in the Session Monitor. The situation is similar with the Windows client.

Obviuosly, there are users connected and the activity is logged in the Message Log session.

I recently upgraded from Pulse 5.5.1 hoping to solve this issue, but it still persists.

Could you please advice?

PS: The Windows client displays all instances as Stopped, which is not true. Hope this additional information helps.

Hi @cpopa,

Could you check that Pulse is pointing to the correct bin64 folder?

Hi @cpopa,

Checking the bin folder is the first thing to check but there could be other reasons why Pulse would not be able to see the TM1 instances:



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Hi @cpopa,

The fact that the Pulse can’t see that the TM1 service is started means that it probably doesn’t have the correct permissions. Pulse checks things in this order:

  1. Determines what TM1 services are installed.
  2. Checks to see if the service is running.
  3. If the service is running finds the process by the PID.
  4. If both of the above work then checks with TM1 Top for the status of TM1.

In your case it sounds like it is failing in step 2.

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Thank you all for replies. The issue was the TM1 folder set to an old path, but all other suggestions are welcomed.