Pulse - Audit Log / Dimension Change audit

A customer asked: “Do you know if there is a way to generate a user-friendly change log for certain dimensions from Pulse? Maybe Kibana?”

Ideally, they customer would be able to produce a report out of the H2 database or Kibana with data for the following fields on dimensions with source control on.:

  1. Name of Dimension
  2. Name of Instance
  3. Modified Date
  4. Modification Action (delete, add, etc.)
  5. What was modified, i.e., if multiple elements were deleted, they would be included in the query output.

So far, we’ve found that the following tables in the H2 database are useful, but they do not include #5:
• ChangeLog
• DimensionHistory
• Dimension

Thanks in advance

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Hi Jason,

What has been modified is in the ChanLog table, in the Message and Changes column you will see that the operation (Add, Delete…):

But what has been changed is stored in the VCS folder.

Below is an article that shows you how to query the VCS folder and give you a few examples:

It sounds like a good enhancement for Pulse, would you mind creating a feature request and we’ll see if we can add this as a feature: Issues · Cubewise CODE / Pulse · GitLab



Thanks @Vincent

Last questions -

  1. Is the H2 database accessible in some way if the customer is subscribed to Pulse on Cubewise cloud?
  2. Is SQL server for the Pulse H2 database on CW Cloud feasible.

The customer’s intent would likely be to automate this report

Hi Jason,

If your customer is on Cubewise Cloud, then he won’t have access to the VCS folder so the workaround I suggested won’t work.

Utilizing SQL Server for a Cubewise Cloud customer is indeed feasible, although it’s a separate matter. The migration to SQL Server is recommended primarily to enhance Pulse’s performance when experiencing high user traffic.

Could you please raise an enhancement request?