Pulse and PAW

Hi All,

Quick question on Pulse and PAW.

I have a prospect who publish and access all the excel websheets via PAW.

I understand in the background PAW works in conjunction with TM1Web for websheets.

That being the case can Pulse monitor the websheets though the user accesses them via PAW.

Also any updates on Pulse monitoring PAW dashboards and PAFE?



Hi @girish,

Regarding the first question, we have not tested this scenario and our official answer is that it is not supported. It will depend how PAW loads the resource. In TM1Web, the Pulse scripts are loaded when the page loads, in PAW we are not sure how does the TM1 Web gets loaded into PAW page, this has to be tested.

Regarding your other questions, PAFE excel spread sheets should be logged, however there is no plan in the short term to monitor PAW dashboards.