Pulse Advantages for PAL Migration

If a customer plans to move to Planning Analytics what benefit do we see in having Pulse for this process. Are there any additional ones compared to the standard ones like model review, model usage, migration. Do we have a customer example where Pulse helped during the migration to Planning Analytics Local . thx

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Hi @mwinkler,

It really depends what you mean by Planning Analytics. IBM uses the term Planning Analytics broadly to cover a number of products that are offered in the cloud and locally including the TM1 server. In terms of Planning Analytics Local (PAL) the server is just a new version of TM1 and therefore the same features in Pulse that were available for older versions of TM1 apply.

We are working on supporting the documentation and migration of multiple hierarchies which is the major new feature of TM1 11 (PAL). As part of this effort we are also adding support for the cloud and the ability to run Pulse separately from the TM1 server.

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In any major version upgrade for a large enterprise application there needs to be quite a lot of regression testing to make sure that

  • All features work as expected
  • Calculation results & consolidated totals are the same
  • No unexpected performance bottlenecks appear

If anything unexpected is found during testing then having Pulse to dependency walk through the objects and code is very useful in trouble-shooting and patching.

Also a massive benefit of Pulse is the usage statistics and knowing which parts of the application are most used (and which aren’t used). This can be used to inform the test plan to focus on the critical areas and even to inform the migration plan. If there are cobweb filled areas that no one has looked at in months or years then these could be archived and not migrated at all saving on migration effort and ongoing maintenance.

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Hi @tryan,

may I ask what the latest update is on the ability of Pulse to recognize changes in hierarchies for both the change tracking and migration functionality.

Thanks in advance,

Hi @mfynmore,

It will be coming in version 6 which will also be also be based on the REST API.