Pulse 6 to monitor other server


Have already installed Pulse 6 and would like to add other servers into monitoring, but got some questions,

  1. Would like to install the monitor agent for Pulse 6, but the remote server got Pulse 5 installed already, could I keep Pulse 5 and Pulse 6 monitor agent co-existed? The Pulse 6 installer stopped me from doing that and I just can choose to remove the previous version or cancel the installtion.

  2. IF really need to remove Pulse 5 or I’d like to keep/merge all the config/history on central Pulse 6, how could I achieve this?

Hi @vhsieh,

No you can’t run Pulse 5 and Pulse 6 side by side. If you want to install the Pulse Monitor, you will have to uninstall Pulse 5.

In the Pulse 6 QuickStartGuide.pdf (available in the Pulse 6 download files), you will find the steps to migrate Pulse 5 data into Pulse 6.




Thanks! found it and will try it .