[Pulse 6] TM1Web Monitoring

Hi there,

We have TM1 Server and PASS on 2 different machines, Pulse has installed on the TM1 Server, and from PASS machine, I can access Pulse without any problem, but I have used reverse proxy to configure TM1Web’s URL and Pulse’s URL to a more friendly looking URL instead of the showing the machine name as the URL.

Followed this Blog Post:

I can also see the .jsp loaded successfully on Chrome Developer Mode, but seems nothing has logged to Pulse.

Any idea?



Found the problem, I have used FQDN, I need to remove the domain part in order for this to work.

I think that’s a bug?

Hi @twong ,

The network connection needs to be checked.

To clarify in here what those -pulse-server-name and -pulse-monitor-name means.

  • -pulse-server-name this defines the host where Pulse Server is. It will be used later by the scripts to connect to where you Pulse Server has been installed. Whether it can be reached via FQDN or IP Address only, will usually depends on where it will be called - on this case, the location of the TM1 Web box and whether the OS or the network allows it.

  • -pulse-monitor-name this refers to the name that was defined in Pulse’ Administration / Servers page. Prior to the upcoming release of Pulse (~6.0.4), this should match the name that you will provide to this parameter and the one in Administration / Servers page, in order for it to appear in Pulse’ Web logging pages.

The first areas to check would be to go into the actual box of the tm1web server, and open up a browser from there, and type it exactly as how you would pass it into the -pulse-server-name parameter.