Pulse 6 re-install on another path


Planning to re-install Pulse 6 on another drive because of files growth, would like to know which folders/files need to be kept in advances then restore them back,

I can find a link for Pulse 5.x only for now, I think there could be more need to be backup for Pulse 6 as well,

Hi @vhsieh,

This article has been updated to include a section for Pulse v6 folders to back up.






Would like to confirm one more thing, noticed one folder “explorerdb” is a little huge as well, do I need to back up it?

The explorerdb contains all the data that you can visualize with the Pulse Explorer. If you don’t backup this folder, the Pulse Explorer will only get future data.

If you go to the Pulse status page (it is the first tab in the About page), you will see the details of what is inside the explorerdb:

You could choose to delete some old indices to reduce the size of the folder before doing the back up.

On a side note, the explorerdb folder has been moved to a new location in the official Pulse 6 release v6.0.0, the new location is db/_explorer.



Thanks, so in my case, I will need to restore it in db folder, and change the folder name to “_explorer” if I’d like to keep it, am I right?

I would do a new install of Pulse v6.0.0 and then copy what is inside the eplorerdb into the new folder db/_explorer


I see, thanks for your help.