Pulse 6 Change History

I wanted to revive a thread from a few years back: Change History Authors - #3 by bijo.varghese

In Pulse 6 all changes are showing up with author being “System”. What can we do to have pulse detect the named author of a change? All development is being done via ARC.


Hi @rdclapp ,

We will be needing more details like, has it always been that way? If not, when did it start behaving like that?

Was Pulse provided a TM1/PA User with ADMIN privilege under Instance Settings page? In some other situations, restarting the TM1 server has fixed the underlying issue.



Hey Paul,
Pulse is configured to use a user that has admin rights.

This is the same behavior that we see in when Pulse 5 is used with ARC, however changes made via architect/perspectives did have the correct author attached to them.

Now in Pulse 6 we see the same behavior where the author is not detected, but this time it is regardless of how the change is made. Neither ARC or the legacy clients have the correct author associated (they all say system)


Hi @rdclapp ,

Can you help create a ticket here so we can have a look further.

Please include the relevant files and information as requested in the template in there.



Complete https://support.cubewise.com/code/pulse/issues/2953

Hi, @Vincent .

Apparently this old problem is still happening in version 6.


Hi @FelipeFonseca,

Pulse 6 does show the true author of changes if you are using PAW or Arc for your developments.

If this does not work in your environment, please create a ticket here so we can help you to find out what could be the reason why it does not work in your environment.

The issue reported by Ryan just above was fixed by a restart of Pulse. Ryan confirmed in the ticket that it is now working.



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Thanks for the confirmation. Cheers!