Pulse 6.1.3 Dashboad Editor

With a recent upgrade to Pulse 6.1.3 I have the following issues with my Admin user:

  1. I see the following when clicking Dashboard menu
  2. in the environment configuration when I try to save/switch the default dashboard, it is always resetting to “dashboard_default”
  3. however, when choosing from menu the Dashboard Editor I see this URL with no possibility to update the layout/settings
  4. even if I manually update the url from http://localhost:8099/#/system/dashboard-editor?profile=dashboard_pa to http://localhost:8099/#/system/dashboard-editor?profile=dashboard_default, nothing changes, meaning I still cannot change the settings

Any thoughts on the above?

Hi @cpopa ,

I can’t replicate your issue.

In the Environment page, after changing the Default Dashboard, you have to click the Save button:

Could you please try again to change the default dashboard and then click the Save button?

Please find below a gifs to show you the steps:


I hope this help,



Hi @Vincent ,

No matter what dashboard I select as default in the Environments page (and Save), it is reset to “dashboard_default”, but strange enough, in Dashboard Editor the URL is always http://localhost:8099/#/system/dashboard-editor?profile=dashboard_pa.

Unfortunately, the issue persists.

Hi @cpopa ,

This is odd, as you can see from the gifs below in the dashboard editor the URL should be updated each time you select a new dashboard:


Could you please try using a different browser (or another Pulse) to see if you have the same issue?

Something else you could try is to click save as and create a new dashboard.

Hi @Vincent,

Nothing worked until I ran the installation package again. Something might have been corrupted but fixed during the re-installation.
Everything is back to normal now :+1:.

Thank you for reply