Pulse 5.8.2 Windows Authentication

We are converting over to Windows Authentication. Everything seems fine, but if a user hits return when prompted for their credentials I am seeing a user with in Pulse described as "NT Authority\Anonymous with Public access.

How can this prevented?

Hi @regis.roethlein,

If they are being prompting for their user name that normally means there is an issue. The NT Authority\Anonymous means Pulse couldn’t work out who the user is. Is the Pulse service running under a network account rather than Local System?

If the user enters their id and Windows password, they are correctly logged in. It’s just when they do not fill in the login prompt at all and hit enter, they’re logged in as anonymous. Also, is a specific configuration required to have the login NOT prompt for the user’s id and password? The Pulse services are running as a domain account (not Local System

Hi Regis,

You should not need to login when Windows Authentication is on (Setting Up Windows (SSO) Authentication for Pulse - Cubewise CODE).

Could you please try to add the Pulse URL has as a trusted site in your internet options?

I hope this help,