Pulse 5.8.2 - missing chore and Process history

We have experienced an issue where it appears Pulse even though the service is running shows no records for Chore or Process History for a period of time. Stopping and Starting the Pulse service fixes the issue where we can see recent chores and processes that have run but we still seem to have no record of that earlier history. It’s almost like Pulse lost its ability to be connected to the TM1 instance until I restarted the Pulse service

Hi @regis.roethlein,

Please send us a support ticket so we can analyse the logs.



Can you refresh my memory on how to open a ticket so I can uploaded the Pulse logs. I have this Link https://support.cubewise.com/ but I don’t see where to open a ticket

Hi @regis.roethlein,

You can create a ticket here: https://support.cubewise.com/code/pulse/issues/new?issue[assignee_id]=&issue[milestone_id]=