Pulse 5.6 recreate package

Hidden at the end of the list of Pulse 5.6 enhancements is a really important new feature which all Pulse users should be made aware of.

  • Migration Packages can be refreshed/recreated

… and as far as I know this new feature is not yet documented.

When viewing the details of a migration package you should notice a new button “Recreate” at the top right of screen.

Now I happen to think this new feature is awesome. Why? Because it will literally save me hours.
What this feature does is allows you to use an existing package as a TEMPLATE and create a new package with the same list of objects from the same source instance with the latest version of the objects.

No more needing to re-select objects. Just click refresh and done. For anyone maintaining frameworks or enterprise models with shared common modules between instances for example, this is a huge timesaver