Pulse 5.6 database migration error


We have migrated to Pulse 5.6 from Pulse 5.4.1 on our test environment. After being asked to install the .NET framework 4.6.1, Pulse 5.6 was installed successfully. However, the databases (docs.h2.db and Monitor.db) have not been migrated into the new database and therefore we lost all the history. We still have the backup of the old databases.

We did not get any error message and Pulse runs perfectly but we do not have the user sessions history anymore.

Do you know what we should do to migrate the old databases into the new one?

Thanks in advance.
Veolia BI Team

Hi Veolia team,

The migration of the old databases to the new h2, should happen automatically after the first start of Pulse at the end of the installer.

When you say Pulse runs perfectly after the upgrade, when you opened the Web client, Did you have to go through the set up wizard?
Were the instance settings in Pulse available after the upgrade or were they blanked?

If the instance settings were there, it means that the migration to the new database happened.

Could you please check the size of the old databases (in red) compared to the new one (in blue), it should be at least twice as big as the sum of the 2 old databases:

Hi Vincent,

The migration did not happen. The size of the new database is smaller than the sum of the 2 previous databases:

The instance settings after the installation were all there. We did not have to go through the set up wizard.

Kind regards,
Veolia BI Team

It looks like something went wrong during the migration, it looks like the old docs.h2.db was migrated but not the Monitor.db.

Could you please contact your Cubewise Local office, send them the Pulse for TM1/logs folder and they will create a ticket to the support.

Hi Vincent,

What’s an acceptable or “normal” time for the databse migration to write the monitor.db into docs.h2.db? I just upgraded a server where docs was around 500 mb and monitor around 200 mb and the new merged docs is 720 mb so seems about right but the db upgrade took 20 minutes. I have other servers to upgrade where the databases are much much bigger.

Would it be accurate to assume that the time to upgrade the dbs will be approximately linear to the current db size? So to upgrade a system where the current db volume is 2x the size above it would take 2x as long?

Yes you could say that the time to upgrade the dbs will be approximately linear to the current db size.

The migration of the 2 old databases into the new H2 database can take some time. We tried the migration with a 10 GB database and it took 4 hours.