Process Parameter - how to keep subnm blank by default


Is there a way to leave the default selection of a subnm blank to force the user to select something? Otherwise even tho the parameter is required it either captures the default or first value.

We don’t have an OOTB feature in UX to enforce a blank selection on open. But I think by going beck to how you would solve this in Excel/TM1Web will work equally well in UX for regular dashboard or process popup.

Just create a dummy element which doesn’t have any data called “please make a selection” and include it in the subset or MDX which fills the subnm list and set “please make a selection” as the default value.

Not the most elegant thing ever and you need to create dummy elements in the model. But it will solve the requirement.

Yes but this will still allow the user to run the process, meaning the process button will be active.

I’ll create an ER for this if it’s possible achieve.

Ahhh. You mean you want the value to be blank on open but the subnm to have required=true so the run button remains inactive until a value is selected?

You probably don’t need to bother with the ER. I’m told this is already in develop branch (and already available in FPM specific branch of UX as is multi-select subnm)

Yes precisely! Thanks.