Process History shows blank in Pulse thick client


The Process History in the thick client shows blank as the screenshot below. However, it works properly on the Web. Is there anything I missed?


Hi @kzhong,

The Pulse Thick client shows only the data since it was opened.

In the screenshot below, I opened the Thick client, then I ran the Bedrock.Server.Wait TI and then the Cub.GeneralLedger.Demo chore, finally I opened the Chore/Process History in the Thick Client and I could see the history:

Then I closed the Thick client, reopened it and check the chore/process history again, now it shows blank:

If you want to investigate the chores and processes history between two dates, you should go to the Web Client where you can pick any dates.

One cool thing of the Thick client is that you can follow live the execution of a chore or a process and drill down to the sub processes, the “?” in the End Time means that the process or chore has not finished yet:

I hope this help.



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Thanks for the clarification.

Hi Vincent, should we call this function ‘Process monitor’ instead of ‘Process History’ in the thick client? It doesn’t show the history actually.