Problem with exporting to PDF when UX running behind a reverse proxy


We have experienced a problem with Exporting a view or dashboard to PDF in Apliqo UX: in the case when the UX server is running behing a reverse proxy, the generated and donwloaded PDF file was empty. This was not happening when using a local URL to connect.

I would like to post and share here the solution to this issue, that I obtained form the UX support: inside the WebApp folder, navigate into subfolder called “WEB-INF\config” and open with and editor the file named “settings.json”. Here change the parameter “printerAllowedBasePaths”, adding the URL(s) exposed by the reverse proxy and used to connect to UX. For example, change the empty parameter

"printerAllowedBasePaths": [],


"printerAllowedBasePaths": [“https://url1.domain”,“http://url2.domain”],

Finally, a UX service restart is needed.