Printer v2 Hyperlinks


A client of mine has a question that I’d like to ask on their behalf:

In v1 of the pdf printer, if a hyperlink was present on the page, the hyperlink would appear and be clickable in the printed pdf report (i.e. then a user could actually navigate from the printed pdf document to the relevant Canvas page).

in v2 this appears to of disappeared?


Hi @jtuckerman,

I can confirm that it is the case on that new printing engine of Canvas - and it is the default behaviour of the underlying engine.

Even on the commercial Chrome, that is also the case.

From what I have observed though, external links work. So for example, links to Google, MSN, etc. And by external link too, it also seems like any URL that is not the same URL as the one that generates it works.

I was on http://localhost:8080/samples for example. The following URLs did not work:

But using the name of my PC works:

And so is the following external link:

Hope this helps clarify on the options and possible workarounds.