Picklists in Apliqo UX


I’ve used TM1 picklists in a model, but they don’t seem to be working right in UX (not as I’d expect them to anyway). I get the dropdown, but I can type anything in to the cell. It doesn’t get sent, but gives the indication it’s ok as it stays as an input value. I’m using the November 21 release. I can’t see anything in the bug fixes up to the June 22 release. Is this something others have a work around for?


Hi, I tried the same thing in the latest Apliqo 2022.06 FP1. I wrote down a word to a picklist cell and it does not change the value in the cube. It seems to stay in the cell but after refresh it’s gone.

Does the picklist work with an alias? I had the issue with an Excel upload where the principal name was included but the picklist was a subset with alias. This does not work, you have to use the alias.

Yeah this is the way picklists work. The string needs to match. There’s no intelligence to determine if a value is an alias for another value that is in the picklist.

However there is a (poorly or not documented) way to have an alias in the picklist but to store the principal name in the cell.
All that is needed is to add “<StoreAlias=F>” at the end of the picklist definition in either the picklist attribute or cube. E.g. subset:DimName:SubName <StoreAlias=F>
(Note: I have no idea if or how we handle this in Apliqo UX)

Hi @cw-ch,

I’m not sure who you were replying to, but if it was me, this issue wasn’t that the picklists didn’t work if selected properly, it was that it allowed invalid entries. For example the picklist had the options of “yes” and “no”, but I could type in “cat”. The invalid entry just stays there after typing it in, which gives the impression that it’s ok. It’s not until the screen is refreshed that the invalid entry is removed from the screen and the value in the cube is retrieved again, this wasn’t occurring until a valid entry was typed in to the screen. Anyway, I logged the issue and the update is that this has been fixed and will be included in 2022 July FP2 release

Hi Roy, I was replying to Alex.
We are aware of your issue with picklists which we agree is a bug and hoping to fix this with 2022.06 FP2