Picklist in a table


Hi all,

I’m using a picklist in a table, it does not render very well, it does not show the all string “Team 1”, it shows only “Tea”:

If I change the size of the column (<th class=“text-right” style="width: 130px;">) it’s better:

Is there a way for Canvas to detect automatically the size of the string or do we always have to set up the size of the column when using a picklist?


Hi Vincent,

No, you need to set the min-width like you have done.



What about a case when I have at the same table , different length per line ?

is there a way to set the width per row ?



Hi @tganz,

Not in a table, each column is the same width for all rows. You could use multiple tables but the modern way to do it is with divs and setting the width of each one to either a relative size (%) or fixed width.