Picklist Hide When Click Away


Can the ability for the picklist dropdown to disappear when clicking outside of it be added into the tm1-ui-dbr?

It would be as simple as adding a document click event when the picklist is generated and then using the native compareDocumentPosition() api to test click position relative to the dropdown. As you can see in the image below the picklists will just accumulate if you do not individually close each.

SUBNM Drop down menu

Hi Tyler,

We will look into that.


Ok Thank you tryan


Hey Tim,

Was there any further view on this?

We’ve encountered a problem where we have a modal with picklists in that have dynamic content (for employee data), and if a user opens the modal, opens a picklist and then closes the modal without closing the picklist, when they re-open the modal for another employee that may have a different array of picklist data in the same control, the old array values are shown until they roll up and back down the picklist control.

Unless there is a way that we can tell Canvas to close the picklists on hiding the modal?

Either way, I concur with Tyler that it would be useful if the picklists closed on moving focus.



Hi @jtuckerman,

You may use ng-if directive to not show a table in modal before you call the modal.



Sorry to bump this thread, but was there any decision around this?

We’ve had further feedback from another client now re: could picklists close automatically when focus is lost?




Hi @jtuckerman,

Could you also submit a request for enhancement ticket for this?

We will update the ticket once it is in the build already.