Picklist behaviour in Internet Explorer

Hi Guys,

We have a tm1-ui-dbr directive that references a picklist in a cube.

When viewed in Internet Explorer its giving a bit of erratic behaviour, as shown in the gif below:

Any recommendations/ideas for a workaround?

The version of IE currently in use at the customer is:


Are you doing some DOM manipulation in controller for example by jQuery? Can you create sepatate page with particular dbr to check if the issue is still on?

No DOM manipulations through controller.
On the html side, the table in which the picklist is sitting is wrapped in a div with class ‘panel-collapse collapse in’ through.

What if to take off this pannel class from your html or wrap your table in an additional div before this pannel?

You can try inspect elements, turning them off step by step. if its css issue, you would find particular css class which cause this animation issue.

So if to put a single dbr with picklist outside the table / pannel, the issue is still on?

Hi @gpool,

Do submit a ticket for this. We will check and assess.

And for additional reference, so far, it only happens with IE. It is working fine with Chrome and Firefox.



Thanks Eugene & Paul.
@plim - how does ticket submission work? Is there a specific email I need to send the request to?

Just send a mail with this issue description to canvas@cubеwise.com.

Thx eugene.
I have opened a ticket - Paul let me know that it should be in the following canvas update release.