Performance PickLists in Active Form


Hi Canvas team,

We are having performance issues with picklists in our Active Form.

Here is our Setup:

  • An active form with up to 200 rows * 5 columns
  • Each cell has a picklist of about 400 elements.
  •   Picklist refers to a dynamic subset.

It gets really slow because we load the picklist data for each cell at pageload.
First thing that came to my mind is why not load the PickListEntries on demand… Don’t know if it would work, but I just thought I would bring that up.

Any ideas from your side how to improve our performance?




I agree that would be a sensible option. Often a user may open a sheet and review the selected drivers without actually changing anything. Loading the picklist for each cell on demand is the model used in the native TM1 interfaces. In Canvas it would make sense to be able to either load picklists on demand or “preload”. Given that you can build cascading picklists where one picklist contents is variable dependent on a previous picklist entry it seems a necessity to me anyway to support an on demand model anyway.


Hi @mwirtz/@cw-ch,

Please send a ticket for this. We will assess and plan.



Hi Paul,

thank you. I just opened a ticket.