Perfomance Test Canvas

Hi All

One of our customers is asking about our recommendations to perform a mass performance test on Canvas application.
They are currently using jMeter to simulate numbers of users and users actions but with lot of issue, as they are not able to script all the required steps.

Do we have any experience or recommendation to do such mass performance tests on Canvas (tools, practices,…)?

Hi @sschreurs,

JMeter is the standard load testing tool for most companies along with HP’s Loadrunner, there are also lots of online tools such as BlazeMeter.

JMeter is used generally to send HTTP requests directly to the server but can be combined with Selenium Webdriver to run automated functional and regression tests. We use this combination to test all of the Canvas builds.

Hi @tryan

Thanks for your feedback.
I’m not familiar with this kind of testing and testing tools. How do you perform the tests? do you have any specific recommendations for this ?

Hi @sschreurs,

There is lots of information about how to use JMeter and Webdriver on the web. Most people start by recording requests and then go from there. Webdriver requires you to programmatically control the website, i.e. using code to click on buttons, enter text, etc. It is complicated and technical though, that is why most testers are specialists and do this stuff for a living. If they are already using JMeter they would be familiar with how to set it up, it they have specific questions about things like how to log in let us know.

Hi @sschreurs,

You can find some light information about JMeter and TM1 in the following document, from the page 4.