Percentage in Arc

Hello Cubewise Forum!

I’m currently in the Trial period of Arc and its a very nice Developing tool! Thanks for this, compared with the normal Rule Editor this product is insane and should be part of the IBM Software, when IBM miss something we have cubewise to bring it into :slight_smile:

I’m very new to the whole IBM PA/BI World and still in learning progress. Thats to my person at the moment.

What i want to ask is, is it planned to add % formatting support in arc’s cubeviewer? Or is there any specific reason why its not in there?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @OliverS

Glad you are enjoying the tool.

Yes, this enhancement is on the roadmap and will form part of a future release.

You can also find more detailed information on Arc at our support page on gitLab:

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Thank you,

i will create an account and check the roadmap, thanks for the link!