Passing tm1-ui-subnm to UX global filter dropdown

I’m trying to figure out how to pass a selected “tm1-ui-subnm” dropdown (on a custom HTML page) into another page with the same dimension in the UX global filters. Namely:

  • page A contains a custom HTML widget where I have a “tm1-ui-subnm” on dimension X. The user selects an element from the subnm dropdown. After selecting the subnm, the user clicks on a button to navigate to page B.
  • page B is a normal dashboard/view page with dimension X as a global filter. I want the selected element from page A to show up as the initial value when page B is loaded.

I tried a few ways (including appending the selected subnm value onto the URL of page B) but page B does not take the selected element. I haven’t added tried javascript yet but was wondering if there was a more simple way of achieving this without JS? Thanks!

Hi @wwang
In js tm1-ui-subnm-apq add to directive parameters a
tm1-on-change="$ctrl.Settings.change(‘UX_Demo.X Dimension.X Dimension’, data)"
data = Principal name of element selected passed back from subnm to use for set Settings
Now once the subnm changes the Global Settings change to be data.
Leave the defaultElement for dimension X empty on page B. If Settings has a value for instance.X Dimension.X Dimension will automatically populate the next page with that stored value in Settings.

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@ishapiro thank you! Using the “tm1-on-change” parameter worked well for me!