Passing filter selection between wizard steps

Hi all,

I’m been using the helpful feature with wizard steps that automatically passes the filter selection between each step. Very useful! However, when I return to the previous step, the filter selection is reset to the default value. For example:

  • the user selects “2018” as the year filter in step one (default value is “2017”)
  • in step two, year is also a filter so it automatically is set to “2018”
  • if you go back to step one, the filter becomes “2017” rather than “2018”

I’m not sure if this is by design since wizards are typically meant to only go forward but I can also see situations where the user needs to go back to a prior step to amend so it would be helpful to not reset the values to defaults.


Hi @wwang

I think that what you are describing isn’t anything to do with wizards but just a general feature of how navigation and the settings service works in UX. If a dimension type in the view settings is set to “fixed” or “filter” and a value is entered then this value will always be set when a user navigates to the view. If however this setting is left empty then the current value fro the settings service will be set. (The only difference between fixed & filter is filter gives the user the ability to change the value and dimension can’t be hidden.)

I think probably the first step has the filter value configured in the settings. If this is cleared then when navigating back the changed value should be taken.

Thanks for the reply! I was accidentally going between two wizard steps with a “filter” dimension that was not shared across the two cubes referenced in each step. As a result, it appeared the “filter” selection was being passed through when in fact it was just not reset.

I tried again on a cubes with a shared dimension as a filter and the filter does reset to the default view, regardless of the step order.

I thought that wizard steps allowed for passing certain values between steps but that was probably a more advanced action which involved triggering JS actions on clicking the “Next>” button.

Thanks again!