Page has finished loading


Hi Guys,

What would be the best way to identify when a page has finished rendering/loading?

For example:
You have a page that has ng-repeats on it, in which data is called from tm1 via the canvas dbr formulas…but it takes a while to render as it is retrieving the data from TM1.

Thanks in advance!



Hi @gpool,

For the TM1 data requests, here are two of the ways you can go about it:

  1. Encapsulate that HTML section with the tm1-ui-progress directive, to show some images, text or other HTML parts while the page is waiting for TM1 data. Below is an example:
    <tm1-ui-progress-pending>Please Wait...</tm1-ui-progress-pending>
        <tm1-ui-dbr tm1-instance="dev" tm1-cube="System Info" tm1-elements="Budget Year, String"></tm1-ui-dbr>
  1. Use the following attribute which indicates when the TM1 requests has been fulfilled:

You will also see the above if you create a blank Canvas page via the Admin that allows some simple animation to show on page loads.



Many thanks Paul!