Overriding row indentation on expandable rows

Expandable rows are great in UX, but sometimes we need to override the indentation on the row header column, esp if there are too many levels of C-Level rollup nodes. There is a way to “Disable Indentation” but we can’t do this without turning off “Disable Drill”.


I was experimenting with a few ways to do this and discovered:
(1) using the handsontable “htLeft” classname doesn’t work consistently on all the rows (or using a custom class that uses “text-align left”)

(2) I can’t find a way to specify the first column (using columnFormat) with a specific classname as using the row dimension header label doesn’t work. However, using rowFormat on all the rows does work.


(3) Using padding-left overrides the indentation.



Wanted to share this in case anyone finds this useful

This is “interesting” but I’m not sure we woudl want to include it as a standard feature (e.g. expand/collapse without indentation) as the indentation is a pretty useful visual guide as to what the child/parent/ancestor relationships are.

Would anyone else be interested in this as a standard feature??

Probably the best way to implement as a standard feature would just be to expose an additional property number of spaces per indentation level (I think the default we are using is 2) and make this editable. Setting to 0 would then also achieve the desired result.

I would probably vote this to be a standard features, it is a way to provide more real estate to users.

Also, I think what @wwang 's screenshot is very neat even without any indent.

I agree the indentation is pretty useful and visually explains the relationship but in the reporting layer this is often needed.

I’d also vote for it.