Only Getting the PDFs attached sometimes

Hi there,

We are trying to schedule pdf reports from Canvas.

We are sometimes getting reports and sometimes not. At the moment we can’t go live as it’s a bit hit or miss.

Sometimes we get a report but the graphics are not quite finished e.g. we get a gauge with a percentage written underneath but the dial has not quite moved to match the number.

We’ve set up 2 actions with a subset with only one country each. We did have 3-4 countries in the subsets but we’ve slimmed it down to see if it works better.

We’ve tried changing the setting email burst interval setting to 20 seconds on STMP config settings in the admin console.

What else can we try?

Kind regards

Hi @Helen,

Here are some things to check:

  1. Look at the WEB-INF\logs\application.log file and check for any errors
  2. You can manually run the scheduled PDF generation on the Task Scheduler page or inside the Task details itself via the following icon:

And see if it is happening still.

(just change the recipients temporarily for testing purposes)

Kindly contact your local Cubewise office as well on this for further assistance.