Number of non-zero Feed Cells

In the “Cube List” section, I can view the number of “Numeric Cells” and “Feed Cells”.

Please tell me how to see in Pulse the number of non-zero (really calculated) cells to see the redundancy of feeders?

Or can it be done only by the TI process - to unload the calculated cells and compare?

Hi @Kirill ,

In the Cube List you will see this information:

For more stats about a specific cube, you can pick one cube in the Model Spotlight:

and then you will see all stats:

In the same page, you will see the history of these stats:

If you are using Pulse 6, you can also see these stats in the Pulse Explorer. v6.1 introduced a new dashboard called the Cube Statistics:

I hope this help,



Hi @Vincent,

Thanks for you answer!

In the example below, the number of calculated cells (Stored Calcs) = 62,611,186 and the number of Feed Cells = 385,811,590.
Does this mean that overfeed = 385,811,590 / 62,611,186 = 6,162?

You could see it that way even though Stored Calcs includes “rules, dimensional consolidations, and user-defined consolidations.”

More information on the Stats cube in the IBM article: IBM Documentation


Thank you so much for your detailed explanations and help!