Number Format

Hi All,

How can I format negative number as the below in a VIEW table:


I read around and have vague idea that I need to use “handsontable” but not sure how I should change in the code.

Thank you very much

The number format itself you can easily handle just by setting the Format attribute on the measure dimension to the following.

If you then want to format negative numbers red then this can be done via applying a class with conditional formats. (Not sure why you would want to do this though unless there is a specific requirement to make negative numbers pop out, as this would make grids quite busy.)

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@cw-ch I would like to have red colour on the font only, not on the cell. Is this possible? I have tried conditional formatting and it fills whole cells and yes it looks busy!


I don’t think that we provide pre-defined custom styles which are for the font (foreground) color only. This can be done, but you would need to define a new class in the scss and run gulp to publish the change. If you have no idea what I am talking about then talk to someone on your team with web development experience. If you don’t have such a person then I suggest forget about this requirement.

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Yep, it works with custom-style css :slight_smile: