"NULL" element in src_dim_export_data

PA 2.0.5 (11.3)
Pulse 5.7.9

In instances running PA only we are seeing a lot of errors when }src_dim_export_data is run
Error file looks like this

“NULL”,Data Source line (174) Error: Data procedure line (114): Element “NULL” not found in dimension “dimName”
Error: Data procedure line (114): error repeats 3 times

In this version of Pulse the }src processes are using implicit subset All and not creating the }Export.All subset anymore (which I thought was supposed to get rid of this problem).

It is definitely something weird going on with PA with the string “NULL” coming through as a subset member when it doesn’t exist in the dimension. Does anyone else see this with Pulse on PA?

If I add the line
If( DIMIX( pDimName, vElement ) = 0 ); ItemSkip; EndIf;
to the process then the error is avoided and the process completes normally. I would suggest adding this to the next Pulse fix pack.

Hi @cw-ch-scott Thanks for raising this, we will add it for Pulse 5.7.11