Not able to execute TI during migration

I am not able to execute TI during migration. Our version is

  • Version: 5.7.10
    Based on the documentation, I am expecting to see the processes I have selected in the list below the “Processes” list below the package description after I have created the package and then reviewed the package. Should I have seen this option in the creation of the package?



Hi @peter.brady,

Pulse can only execute processes with no parameters, Pulse will show in the process list only the ones without any parameters.

In this example, I selected 4 processes:

At the last step, I can only select 3 of them:

Cube.GeneralLedger.ImportFromFile does not show in the list because it contains parameters.

If you want Pulse to execute a process with parameters, you will have to create a caller process which execute your process using ExecuteProcess and includes this new process in your package:

I hope this help,