Not able to detect Author when using UNC Path

Hi there,

For some scenario, we require to configure our data directory to use UNC instead of a proper drive letter, eg. \\\d$\dbs\myModel\Data as the data directory, the Author who changed the object cannot be detected.

Not sure if this should be an enhancement or if this is just not possible to detect from Windows OS perspective already.



Hi @twong ,

Pulse currently does not support “$” in the source file patch of processes, could you please create a ticket?



Ticket logged, thanks Vincent!

Hi @twong,

I don’t think it is good practice to use hidden drives using the $ sign. It doesn’t provide any security as any person wanting to game access will just try the common drives, c$, d$, etc.

The idea is they want to make sure data files are sitting in a particular machine, they call it data server, due to sensitivity, and only certain user is allowed to read that particular folder.

The server is started up on another machine, they call this app server, app server can be exposed to wider users.

This is similar to how relational database is architected!

And since the IT is third party vendor who review their security compliance, they do not know TM1, and also no interest knowing what is recommended, the worst part is, there is no supported document from IBM to not recommend this design, but interestingly, IBM has documentation to describe this architecture!

So, in order to pass security compliance, this is the only way unfortunately!