no tm1 instance for pulse to monitor


i try to configure a new tm1 server in pulse.

install the pulse monitor.

the connections works, but i can’t see the tm1 instance.
only the system info from windows.


Hi @justaTM1Guy,

You can try to increase the security access of the user running the Pulse Monitor service. We recommend using the same user that is running the TM1 services.

If this does not work please create a new issue on the Pulse support platform and make your ticket confidential: Issues · Cubewise CODE / Pulse for TM1 · GitLab

Click the new issue button and then select the Bug template. The template will help you to fill in all the information we need:



HI @Vincent ,

i use for the service the same user.

i will create an issue :slight_smile:


Hi @Vincent,

thank you for the fast support @plim !

there is an issue with the installation of the service.

Reinstall the tm1 service with commandline or cognos configuration and it works! :heart_eyes: