No idea where to set German number formatting

I have purchased a new arc license and would like to have the numbers displayed in a cube view in German format (###.##0,00).I have not found a setting for this in the “arc”.
If I choose directly in the arc for the “format” attribute for the title dimension “Komma” then it saves: #.##0,00 for an element and this doesn’t work because it is not accepted by TM1. (I think this is an arc bug, since an incorrect format results from a selection).
For the rest of the “arc” frontend it is enough to set the language “Deutsch” as topmost in the list in Chrome, but not for the number format.
Actually only comma and dot should be swapped as thousands and decimal separator for German number format.

  • local arc service on a Windows 10 profession OS
  • TM1 instance on a remote server Windows 2012 (tm1s.cfg: Language=deu)
  • TM1 version of tm1sd.exe:
  • Chrome Version 64Bit: 87.0.4280.141

Best regards
Olaf Franke

Hi @OlafFranke,

Although Arc supports German language translations for the UI, it does not currently support the German numbering format.
In other words:
Using a dot to indicate thousands and a comma to indicate decimals for a given number.

That being said, this is something we can look to include as a future enhancement.

Can you raise a ticket at the link below please?
Please remember to use the Feature Request template when opening a new issue.