New user needs help with drill down please

Hi guys

I’m trying to create a simple grid where I can drill down when you click the numbers but I can’t seem to make it work. Will someone please be able to help? Unsure what I’m doing wrong.

Here’s the grid:

Here are my cube settings:

Please let me know if you need more information.

Thanks for reading through my question :slight_smile:


Turn on “show hierarchy” on the row dimension

Thanks mate. I’m afraid I couldn’t get it to work. My subset is still fully expanded to the N level from the start.

Hey @Tanim

Do you mean you want to click on the number itself or the element on the FCoA dim?

What are you trying to drill down to?


If you want to start from a summary view and then drill-down then select “MDX” as the list type and not “Element Drill”. An example MDX to work with might be …

{[FIN Chart of Account].[Repairs and Maintenance],[FIN Chart of Account].[Repairs and Maintenance].Children}

Then just make sure that the “Show Hierarchy” option is set to ON. (The name is confusing but this option controls whether the rowset is drillable and the +/- icons display to the left of the names of the consolidated elements.

I am not explaining what I’m trying to achieve very well. Here is an example from the demo that I’m trying to replicate.

In the dashboard below when you click into “Accessories” it drill down to the components that make up that category:

Before drill screenshot:

After drill screenshot:

This is what I’m trying to achieve with my dashboard. The next step would be to link the graphs as well. Just how the demo is doing it.

Thanks guys. Hope I explained it better.


Hi Tanim,

This is a slightly advanced technique, in this demo dashboard what you see is a dynamic MDX statement being used for the rows that will show the children of the product group that has been selected in the filter. This allows for interactivity when using multiple widgets. When you for instance click on “Bikes” in the KPI widgets you will see that the filter up the top changes to “Bikes”. The table widget has an MDX configured for the rows that uses a placeholder to refer to the selected product:
{[Product].[Product].[<<UX_Demo.Product.Product>>].Children} The important part is <<UX_Demo.Product.Product>> which is the syntax that we use to refer to page selections, this part of the MDX will be replaced before the query is send to the TM1 server. The general syntax for this is $<<Instance.Dimension.Hierachy>>, in this example the instance being "UX_Demo, dimension Product and hierachy also Product (if you are not using an alternate hierachy just repeat the dimension name to refer to the “default” hierarchy).
The drill in the table itself works in the same way in this example, you will see that the option “Hyperlink to change filters” has been activated as well, which means that when you click on a product category in the grid widget it will change the filter selection for product in the page and that will change the MDX statement that is using the placeholder.

Hope that makes sense.


Ah yes that was a very good explanation. Not the answer I was hoping for :stuck_out_tongue: but I understand now.

Would you be aware of any tutorial materials available? The demos are great examples but hard to re-engineer when you’re a novice.

Thanks again Andreas, that was a very good and thorough explanation.