New License Requires Server Restart?


We ran into an issue where replacing the license file and restarting Pulse services resulted in a “can’t reach this page” message.


Re-installation of Pulse did not correct the issue.

The issue was resolved after restarting the whole server.

Anyone else experience this or know what the cause is?

cc: @crothman @papatel @nfrigo @jpusztai @jdowney

Hi @RRicafranca

I suggest that, when these type of situations occur, check the pulse.log, which should have more detailed information regarding the error.

I believe that in this case the license replacement, is not related to what happened. Did you install/upgrade Pulse before replacing the file?



Hi @ecarmona.

We just replaced the file and restarted Pulse services. It happened on two different environments (Dev and Test) on two separate occasions. We’ll grab the log file if it happens again. Thanks.

Hi @RRicafranca,

Thanks for posting this case, I will perform some tests my self too, and come back to you.